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Casey Legler 


Casey Legler 

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If you’ve played just about any of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. games then you’ll be all too familiar Bowser, fearsome “King of the Koopa” and Mario’s spiky antagonist. But did you ever stop to consider him as something cute? Nope, neither did we. At least, not until we saw this awesome crocheted sweater, made by craft maven Jennifer Olivarez of Squirrel Picnic.

Jennifer was challenged by Lisa Egolf to crochet a sweater for her pet turtle, named Myrtle: “so that he would be easy to spot when she lets him loose to play in the courtyard of the school where she teaches science. ‘I think bright yet manly colors would be best,’ she said, because after all this Myrtle is male (don’t judge). So I set out to design the most masculine turtle sweater I could.”

When considering tough chelonians, Jennifer immediately thought of Bowser the video game villain. We love that this sweater makes Myrtle look terrifically tough and yet also incredibly cute. It’s a winning combination and Myrtle looks ready to take on the world or at least seriously menace some fresh veggies.

But the best part is that Jennifer also shared a thorough step-by-step guide for making this awesome turtle sweater over on her website. So now anyone else make one too, and that includes you.

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If I had a turtle…

For the longest time. Oh, oh, oh.

No Soy Tu Chiste por Daniel Arzola

  1. my gender and my sexuality do not define my capacity
  2. no one has the right to hurt you because you are different
  3. i am capable of love in all its forms 
  4. we are not your fantasy, this is our reality 

and like the whole “no soy tu chiste” is “i am not your joke” 

if you go to his blogspot there are a few more like “love is four letters and many forms” and “i have the right to be how i feel i am” 

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Photos of couple swapping clothes. Mesmerizing scroll through and watch people’s gender presentations blend and meld.


—   clothing swapclothing swapclothing swap

Portland People!!inexplicable beauty: My mobility scooter was stolen tonight. 2/10/13


My electric scooter wheelchair was at 910 SW Yamhill on the street. Someone drove it away. An officer from Securitas said that when he went past the address at around 7:30 pm it was there, but when he came back around the block it was gone. The guitar player across the street said that he saw…

make some fucking art.

make some fucking art.

Mobius Bagel

It looks so much tastier than an ordinary bagel!

"the two halves are congruent. They are of the same handedness."

full tasty instructions: